Introducing Blurb for Wedding Books

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Wedding book of Mr and Mrs Roberts Fresh Pixel have decided to use Blurb for wedding albums because their quality is consistently exceptional. We did not opt for the hard page books offered by other photographers because we want the freedom to give you as many pages as you like, plus the convenience to purchase extra copies whenever you like! With Blurb books you have a range of different papers, cover and end page styles to choose from, and as […]

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Spice up your existing photos

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Fresh Pixel just completed their first photo ‘revamp’. It was a fun job and different to the wedding photography packages we offer. This time round we edited Jen’s beautiful wedding photos that were photographed in Thailand, but supplied to her unedited. So we took them and made her a beautiful package including a double disc set of all the edited images, a thank you card and a coffee table book! It was so much fun and she was so happy […]

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Welcome to our new website!

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What an epic effort it has been to produce our second website, with a lot of learning done along the way. Now that we have our more organised, easier to navigate, and all round better website up and running, you can expect to see more specials, more innovation and more ideas! Why don’t you scroll to the bottom of the page and ‘like’ our facebook page to stay up to date with specials? It’s as easy as that! Or read […]

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