How does a Fresh Pixel Photobooth compare to a pay-per-vend mall machine?

Fresh Pixel hit the streets to find out…

We were in a large shopping mall in Sydney and found a passport style Photobooth printing single photo strips of four images for $7 each. The machine was a sturdy and plain machine of steel while Fresh Pixel’s neatly decorated machines are modern and fresh. I assume the machine is sturdy being in a public area and to securely contain coins (as well as possibly an entire cross processing chemical lab!).
I sat in the machine and there was no fancy touch screen nor any kind of digital interface, just a metal plate instructing which height to have your eyes (and you have to adjust the little stool up or down accordingly). Fresh Pixel Photo Booths show exactly how you look on a large digital touch screen and exactly how you sit in the frame, in real time!

I placed my $7 in coins into the slot and a tiny red light appeared behind a darkened glass panel (no idea if this was where to look into the camera!). After a few seconds the light turned to green and blinding flash belted me from two or three different points in front of me! This process repeated itself until four images were complete and so, half blind, I emerged from the booth ready to collect my photo strip.
I love how the Fresh Pixel Photo Booth has consistent and unobtrusive lighting (no abrupt flash!), you can see exactly where the camera is placed and where to look, and there is a visual and audio countdown leading up to each happy snap!
Three minutes later the mall machine ejected a single photostrip of four images. A Fresh Pixel Photo Booth takes 16 seconds to print two identical strips using modern and clean RGB dry subliminal print processing.

The mall machine smelt like chemicals warmed up and the image came out damp and pale with a tinge of blue (hence my cross process lab suspicions). It was around ten minutes before the image dried properly. The photo wasn’t bad in quality (in a retro kind of way!) but definitely not passport quality. The image was faded and had an old film look about it with dark borders between the images. Lucky the cross process look is in at the moment!

Fresh Pixel’s Photo Booths all print a perfect image in vibrant colors each time. The quality is always consistent and the images are ready to use instantly.
In a nutshell the bang for buck you get when hiring a Fresh Pixel photo booth is there. At Fresh Pixel’s price of $1195 for five hours on a Saturday you get unlimited photostrips (doubles printed each time) plus drop off and removal of the booth. At one vend per minute that makes 120 photostrips an hour (60 double prints) and at the mall machine’s price you would already have paid $840 for one hours worth!
Fresh Pixel’s Photo Booths also give you choices in software – black and white images, color, fun frames, wigs and hats, street art, all on an intuitive touch screen interface.

You can use them in just about any lighting and you can customize the fourth image on the strip with your own personal message!
Embarrassed at the shops whilst standing around 7 minutes for your image to print?
I think not.
Bang for your buck? Phone Fresh Pixel.